RE Race Day Information

This page is updated for races across multiple series -
please check back the week leading into any race you may be attending.


Charlotte, NASCAR
  • Event Info: Charlotte Motor Speedway October 7 - 8, for speedway and event information click here.
  • Opening Times: Saturday 9:00 a.m. | Sunday 9:00 a.m.
  • Location: RE will be located in the Vendor Midway.
  • OTA Programming: Fans who own scanners will be able to use them at this event, and OTA programming will be available. See the "OTA Programming" section below for more information and if you are having trouble picking up the OTA signal at the track, put your scanner in programming mode and move closer to our location listed above.
  • Rentals: NASCAR rentals are available, click here to get yours today! With a scanner rental from Racing Electronics, you can hear uncensored communication from every team in the race or tune into the radio broadcast!

  • Toledo, ARCA

  • Event Info: Toledo Speedway October 7, for speedway information click here.
  • Other Info: Racing Electronics is not currently conducting rental or retail activity at ARCA events.
  • Frequencies: If you will be manually programming your scanner or device, check back later in the week for frequencies. For information on how to manually program your scanner, see user guides under the "Manual Programming" section below.

  • Redeem pre-ordered rentals purchased through the track or on RE's website
  • Purchase retail products that can be used race weekend like scanners, headphones, and accessories
  • Frequency sheets are available for purchase
  • Products we program trackside: RE1000, RE3000, SC230

    Over-The-Air (OTA) programming will be available throughout the track at NASCAR Cup Series events and other select race series events. See below for instructions on how to get OTA programming for your device:
  • Turn the scanner ON
  • Choose the “PROGRAM” option by pressing the key
  • Select “Over The Air” by pressing the LEFT key
  • Wait until the scanner says “PROGRAMMING COMPLETE”
  • .
  • Open the scanner application
  • Inside Menu, select Over The Air Update
  • Then select LAUNCH UPDATE button
  • LEGEND Scanner will show “Searching For Over The Air Programming” screen and progress
  • When progress reaches 100%, programming is complete
  • LEGEND OTA Programming (p. 5)

    For information on how to manually program your scanner, click one of the below user guides:





    LEGEND (OTA p. 5, manual p. 19 - 22)


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    Enjoy the race!