Racing Electronics Rental Products

Want to enhance your race day experience?

Rent a scanner, FanVision or LEGEND from Racing Electronics today!

Scanner: Curious what drivers talk about during the race? Hear uncensored audio and protect your hearing from the noise of the race with a scanner rental from Racing Electronics! With the scanner you can hear driver & team communications, scan through all the drivers, or listen to the play-by-play radio broadcast. 

FanVision: With FanVision, motorsports fans can tailor their race day experience with one powerful, super-fast handheld device. You control the video and audio experience to engage with your favorite NASCAR drivers and teams. Content delivered directly to your FanVision controller includes up to 8 in-car camera views, live stats and standings, and in-car or broadcast audio feeds.

LEGEND: LEGEND combines the features of a scanner and FanVision into one powerful device for the ultimate fan experience! LEGEND has a high-definition display with touchscreen functionality, making it easy to use. Never miss a second of the action with broadcast video, in-car camera feeds, live statistics and in-car audio communications.


What is included in a rental?

  • 1 device (scanner, FanVision, LEGEND)
  • 1 headphone
  • Extra batteries
  • Clear carrying tote

Going to the race with friends?

Upgrade your rental experience with Easy Talk intercom headphones. This includes two headphones with microphones, allowing users to communicate over the noise of the race. The easiest way to socialize during a motorsports event while protecting your hearing!