NASCAR, Homestead-Miami

  • Homestead-Miami Speedway, November 15 - 17. For raceway information click here.
  • Rent your LEGEND, scanner, or FanVision online and save! Click here.
  • Activate your LEGEND or FanVision device and save! Click here.
  • Homestead-Miami Opening Times: (Locations are outside of the speedway gates)
    • Friday 11:00 am
    • Saturday 11:00 am
    • Sunday 8:30 am

      NHRA, Pomona

      • Auto Club Raceway, November 14 - 17. For raceway information click here.
      • Rent your scanner or SWITCH online and save! Click here.
      • Auto Club Opening Times: (Located in the vendor midway)
        • Thursday 8:15 am
        • Friday 8:15 am
        • Saturday 8:30 am
        • Sunday 9:00 am

                                        TRACKSIDE INFORMATION:

                                        Accessories We Sell Trackside

                                        • Splitters
                                        • Hearing protection and ear-plugs
                                        • Frequency sheets
                                        • Custom ear molds shot trackside
                                        • FanVision battery swap (At NASCAR events only)
                                          Devices We Program Trackside
                                          • RE3000
                                          • RE1000
                                          • Trackscan
                                          • Uniden SC230
                                          • FanVision Activations (At NASCAR events only)
                                            Important Information
                                            • All rentals are for the entire race weekend.
                                            • We offer FanVision software updates trackside, free of charge. (At NASCAR events only)
                                              • Equipment repairs are not offered trackside, must send in.
                                              Rental Exchange & Return Policy