Michigan 2 Rental

Product Code: 1025
Pick up at Track!
All online rentals will be picked up at Racing Electronics trailers at the track.
  • LEGEND RENTAL includes:

    • 1 LEGEND device
    • 1 headphone

    FANVISION RENTAL includes:

    • 1 FanVision device
    • 1 headphone

    SCANNER RENTAL includes:

    • 1 scanner
    • 1 headphone

    Easy Talk intercom systems are available for rent, additional charges apply. This includes two headphones with microphones, allowing users to communicate over the noise of the race. The easiest way to socialize during a motorsports event!

    * Equipment provided at the track may be different from what is pictured online.

    For rental polices & return information visit RacingElectronics.com/rentalterms

Online Price: $49.95